Adhesive forces

Apart from the kind of material and size of the magnets, other factors affecting the adhesive force are:

  • an air gap (made out of magnetically non-conductive material);
  • the quality of the surface (roughness and shape);
  • the temperature;
  • the content of magnetic-iron material in the steel or its volume.

The magnetic adhesive force can also be modified by continuous thermic variations and by some chemical factors (such as baths with aggressive substances).

The diagrams and graphs showed below indicate the values of the impact on the magnetic adhesive force in different mechanical conditions.



The nominal magnetic adhesive forces shown in the tables of the product technical sheets are the minimum values obtained in the following conditions:

  • room temperature;
  • perpendicular "tear-off" line in the condition of contact of the whole magnet adhesive surface;
  • workpieces made of low-carbon steel with 10 mm minimum thickness.