1941-2016: 75° Elesa Anniversary


Through our 75 year history we have been at the forefront of technology with one aim: the creation of a range of innovative, ergonomic products incorporating unique design features, produced to the highest quality standards. Foresight has led to utilising the most advanced production technology to propose technical solutions whilst anticipating the needs of the market. This has resulted in the promotion of a wide range of standard components to a worldwide customer base through a qualified distribution network.

Moving forward.

1941 Foundation

Post-war, the company begins the production of their original designs, a set of handles, knobs, handgrips and normalized handwheels for machines.

1960 Standardization

A brilliant idea, intended to enhance the prestige of the company, was to introduce a proper "normalization" of the products for the first time in the field. This initiative created fixed parameters to which all producers and users of elements for manual controls and regulation for machines will later refer. With the debut of the major European exhibitions of machine tools, ELESA creates the foundations for entry in the international market.


The age of globalization, with increasing exportation and the opening of more and more markets, led to the establishment of strategic partnerships with qualified worldwide distributors and the opening of branches in France, England, the United States , Sweden, Austria , Spain, Poland, China , Czech Republic , India and Turkey creating the ELESA Group. TheELESA slogan "ergonomics + design= quality " created the Ergostyle® line by ELESA, which was immediately awarded by the most prestigious international juries of industrial design.


The growing and increasingly sophisticated needs of target markets push to both extend the range of standard products and to study special solutions that meet the specific requirements of each customer. This led to new generation product lines that offer standard elements made from special materials and advanced technologies.

A company looking to the future

An innate sensitivity to the quality of design and ergonomic research, a corporate culture strongly oriented to the quality of the products, the affirmation of its brands as a guarantee of quality and reliability, and continuous attention to the customer needs and a fast and careful service make ELESA a company pointed towards the future.