1.7 Electrical properties

Plastics are generally good electrical insulators. This is particularly useful in certain applications in the electromechanical field, making plastic products preferable to similar metal products.

The extent of a material insulating properties is determined by: 

  • its surface resistivity
  • its volume resistivity.

The table below classifies the materials on the basis of their surface resistivity [Ω]:

Due to an increase in the performance of the electronic products and the diffusion of their use in different applications, there has been a rise in the market demand for thermoplastic products which may satisfy the requirements of standard conductivity for the ESD (Electro Static Discharge) applications. The ESD product line developed by ELESA uses materials with a reduced surface resistivity (conductive), marked with the symbol of ESD-C protection indicated in the title.

Typical values, for a few of the plastics used by ELESA, are: