ELESA-CLAYTON position indicators can be classified according to the type of reading or movement.
The indicators are normally supplied separately from their relative handwheels/knobs, except for integral models, whose indicator is fitted in during the production.

Type of reading

ANALOGUE: the reading is displayed by means of two rotating pointers over a graduated dial.

DIGITAL-ANALOGUE: the reading is directly displayed by means of a roller counter and a rotating pointer over a graduated dial.

DIGITAL: the reading is directly displayed by means of a roller counter.

LCD DIGITAL: the reading is directly displayed by means of a digital electronic display.

The analogue indicators are normally provided with a graduated dial and two pointers which indicate the number of turns and part of a turn made by the control spindle starting from an initial position zero.
The indicators with digital-analogue, digital and LCD digital reading are provided with a roller counter or a display which indicates the linear displacement of the machine element connected to the
control spindle from the initial position zero.

Type of functioning

GRAVITY Movement: is used when the handwheel spindle is horizontal or max 60° inclined. The rotation of the handwheel with the indicator makes the pointers move while the dial, appropriately counterbalanced, is kept still by the gravity force.

POSITIVE DRIVE Movement: is used on spindles in any position. The rotation of the handwheel with the indicator makes the pointers move while the dial is kept still by an anchor pin fitted to the machine.

DIRECT DRIVE Movement: is used on control spindles in any position, the indicator is directly mounted on the control spindle and is kept in position by means of a referring back pin.