10.8 PFB – Fixing threads by means of locking action

PFB - Fixing threads by means of locking action.

(Polyamide based blue coating).








Application of the PFB polyamide-based coating is a process in which the elastic plastic (polyamide) is applied to a part of the thread, to create a locking action while a screw is being tightened.


The play between the screw and the nut screw is filled with polyamide, thus ensuring a high degree of contact between the remaining uncoated threaded surfaces. The coating contrasts accidental unlocking and accidental unscrewing. The parts locked together may always be separated by applying a minimum unlocking torque.

There is no need to wait for it to be activated as the locking action between the threads is instantaneous.


Elements threaded with PFB polyamide-based coating may be stored for a virtually unlimited period.


The working temperature range is from -50°C to +90°C.

To order an article with the polyamide-based coating, add the abbreviation PFB to the product description.


GN 615-M8-K-PFB