Most of ELESA plastic elements contain inserts or functional components made of metal. The tables (Stainless steel Carbon steels, Zinc alloys, Aluminium and Brass) describe the chemical composition and mechanical strength values as per the reference standards for the metals used.

Surface treatments for metal inserts and parts


The surface of metal inserts or functional parts is generally treated to ensure the maximum protection against environmental agents, in order to maintain the product’s aesthetic and functional qualities.

The protective treatments normally used include:

  • burnishing of steel bosses and hubs;
  • zinc-plating of threaded studs (Fe/Zn 8 in compliance with the UNI ISO 2081 standard);
  • matte chromium plating of lever arms and revolving handles shanks.

Metal parts made of brass or stainless steel do not normally require surface treatment. On request and for sufficient quantities, inserts subjected to other types of protective surface treatment may be supplied: black zinc-plating, nickel-plating, Niploy-Kanigen process, nitriding and Others.