Modular roller tracks for idle handling.

They can be used to create sliding and containing benches suitable for several applications in different fields: feeding and discharging benches in construction machinery, storage and picking systems, packaging machinery, etc.


The roller track can be easily assembled by fixing the roller or ball elements inside the appropriate aluminium anodised profiles.
The particular section of the profile allows the snap-in assembly of the roller and ball elements into the profile without the need for screws or other fasteners.


 The roller and ball elements may be removed and replaced quickly and easily, without disassembling the entire roller track. The aluminium profile can be reused.

Sliding and quiet operation

The features of the materials of the rollers / balls and relative holders allow friction to be minimized and there is no need for lubrication maintenance.

High load capacity

The roller track ensures a high load capacity, thanks to a maximum capacity for single roller of 360N (PA rollers) and 150N (TPU rollers).

High impact strength

The roller elements are characterized by a high capacity to absorb shocks due to drop of material on the roller track.

Handling of delicate materials

The thermoplastic (TPU) polyurethane rollers, anti-scratch and antitrace material, are also suitable for handling delicate materials such as glass and wood.

Omnidirectional handling

The technopolymer acetal resin based (POM) balls allow to handle the material easily in any direction.

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