No-slip disks for levelling elements

It is extremely important that the no-slip disk must not detach from the base of the levelling element.
There are typical situations in which the conditions for the detachment of the no-slip disk could take place:

  • case of eventual “sticking” of the no-slip disk to the floor while lifting the machinery for moving;
  • case of side impacts against the levelling element with the no-slip disk during machinery transport.

The assembling system created by Elesa consists of an anchoring in the central part of the disk, besides a particular slot along the whole rim profile.
Tests of separation, carried out in our labs with suitable equipment simulating real conditions (Fig. 1 and Fig. 2), have given the following results, compared with the current anchoring systems:

  • detachment resistance in cases of adhesion (sticking) of the noslip disk to the floor: fourfold increased; 
  • detachment resistance in case of side impacts: tenfold increased.

The no-slip disks are supplied assembled to their plastic bases.