ELESA normally uses gaskets made of synthetic nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) or acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (BUNA N) for its products, with hardness values ranging from 70 to 90 SHORE A depending on the type of product considered.

The working temperature range for continuous use is -30°C to +120°C. Where a higher chemical and thermal resistance is required, that is, for products in the HCX-SST, HCX-SST-BW and HGFT.HT-PR series, gaskets made of FKM fluorinated rubber are used.

For chemical resistance values, see the table in chapter 10 (on pages A30, A31 and A32).

The working temperature range is from -25°C to +210°C.

On request and for sufficient quantity, flat washers and O-rings made of special materials such as EPDM, silicone rubber, or others may be supplied.


AIR FILTERS for filler breather caps (SFN., SFP., SFV. and SFW. series):

  • TECH-FOAM type filters: polyester-based polyurethane foam mesh, degree of filtration 40 microns, recommended for temperatures of between -40°C and +100°C for continuous use, and brief peak temperatures of +130°C. This material does not swell in contact with water, petrol, soap, detergents, mineral oils or grease. Some solvents may cause slight swelling of the foam (benzene, ethanol, and chloroform);
  • TECH-FIL type filters: made of zinc-plated iron wire (quality as per DIN 17140-D9-W.N.R 10312, zinc-plated as per DIN 1548), degree of filtration 50-60 microns.