1.2 Thermal resistance




The use of thermosetting materials and reinforced thermoplastic polymers with a high Thermal resistance enables ELESA to obtain products with great thermal stability and a limited variation in their mechanical properties at both high and low temperatures. The recommended operating temperature range for each plastic product in this catalogue is indicated by the symbol, which is shown here on the left.

Within this temperature range:

  • the material is stable and no significant degradation takes place;
  • the user does not normally encounter any problem with the basic performance of the product.

The mechanical strength, impact strength, maximum torque and maximum working pressure values indicated in the catalogue were obtained from tests carried out under laboratory conditions (23°C - Relative Humidity of 50%). These values may vary over the working temperature range indicated. Customers are therefore responsible for checking the product actual performance in their specific thermal working conditions.

A very general indication, as to the working temperature range for the various types of plastics, is given in the table below.