• Establish if it is necessary to display a number of turns or a linear displacement. For the first application choose an analogue indicator. For the second one choose a digital-analogue, digital or LCD digital indicator.
  • Establish the indicator and the spindle position on which depends the choice of the requested movement: gravity, positive drive or direct drive.
  • Establish the required ratio for analogue types or the reading after one revolution for the following types: digital-analogue, digital and LCD digital.
  • Establish the direction of rotation. For clockwise increasing readings (right) = D. For anticlockwise increasing readings (left) = S.
  • Consider the conditions of use of the handwheel i.e. outdoors, vibrations, corrosive environments, etc. See the complete data on the page of the chosen indicator.
  • Choose the appropriate handwheel/knob for the application considering the diameter and the grip required to transmit the necessary torque. Other factors to take into consideration are the control spindle diameter and whether a handle is required for quick operations.