M.1066 Tubular handles

Technopolymer, aluminium, stainless steel

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Prodotti con inserti metallici o integrali in acciaio inossidabile

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Handle shanks

Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, matte finish.

End caps

Polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, matte finish.


M.1066-FM: front mounting by means of black-oxide steel M8x90 cylindrical-head screws with hexagon socket, black-oxide steel nuts and washers. Brass screw-guide bushes.

M.1066-BM: back mounting by means of special zinc-plated steel screws with threaded blind holes, fitted to the tube by means of steel nuts.

Standard executions

  • M.1066 FM: aluminium tube, coating in metalflake graphite colour, handle shanks and end caps in graphite colour similar to RAL 9004.
  • M.1066 BM-EP: aluminium tube, epoxy resin coating, metalflake graphite colour, matte finish. Highly resistant to wear, scratches and chemical agents. Avoid continuous and prolonged contact with boiling water or steam.
  • M.1066 BM-AN: anodised aluminium tube, natural colour.
  • M.1066 BM-SST: AISI 304 stainless steel tube.
  • M.1066 BM-CLEAN: aluminium tube, coating in white colour similar to RAL 9002, handle shanks and end caps in white colour similar to RAL 9002.

Features and applications

M.1066 BM-CLEAN, thanks to its RAL 9002 white colour with glossy finish, is particularly suitable for applications on medical and hospital equipment and on food processing machines whose parts, for hygienic reasons, must be frequently cleaned. Its solid shape without cavities prevents unhealthy residues from depositing.

Technical data

Tensile stress: F2 values reported in the table are the result of breaking tests carried out with the appropriate dynamometric equipment under the test conditions shown in the figure with ambient temperature.

Special executions on request

  • Different lengths. For tube longer than 700 mm, an additional shank (at the middle of the length) can be supplied.
  • Other colours.
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