Column level indicators

for use with fluids containing alcohol, technopolymer

Prodotti con inserti metallici o integrali in acciaio inossidabile

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Transparent polyamide based (PA-T/AR) technopolymer. Highly resistant to shocks, solvents, oils with additives, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, petrol, naphtha, phosphoric esters, additives and detergents containing alcohol.

Screws, nuts and washers

Glossy zinc-plated steel.

Packing rings

NBR synthetic rubber O-Ring.

Contrast screen

White lacquered aluminium. The housing, in the appropriate external rear slot, guarantees the best protection from direct contact with fluid, avoiding yellowing effect due to the prolonged action of the fluid at high temperatures.

It can be removed before installation to fit marks and words (for example MAX-MIN), in the needed positions.

Standard executions

  • HCX-AR: without thermometer.
  • HCX/T-AR: with incorporated thermometer.


  • By means of the supplied set screws and nuts.
  • By means of the supplied set screws, without nuts, by tapping the two holes in the reservoir walls, if they are thick enough.
  • By means of the supplied set screws and the Fast Mounting Kit when nuts cannot be fitted from the inside of the reservoir and the walls are not thick enough.

To ensure the best sealing of the O-rings it is recommended to apply the maximum torque on the nuts as reported in the table and a roughness of the gasket application surface Ra = 3 µm.

Maximum continuous working temperature


Features and performances

The body of the indicator, entirely in transparent material, is assembled using ultrasound welding to guarantee a perfect seal.

Maximum fluid level visibility even from side positions

Level visibility and temperature reading magnified by lens effect.

Technical data

In laboratory tests carried out with mineral oil type CB68 (according to ISO 3498) at 23°C for a limited period of time, the weld stood up as follows:

  • HCX.76-AR 13 bar
  • HCX.127-AR 13 bar
  • HCX.254-AR 10 bar

If you need to use the indicator with other oils or fluids and under different pressure and temperature conditions, please contact ELESA Technical Department. In any case we suggest to verify the suitability of the product under the actual working conditions.

Special executions on request

Indicators with two red ball-shaped floats (only for HCX-AR executions)

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