LM.F-HD-SST Levelling elements Hygienic Design

with holes for ground mounting, stainless steel



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Fine turned AISI 304 stainless steel.

Upper ring of the protective sleeve (GBS)

NBR synthetic rubber hardness 70 +/-5 Shore A, blue colour, in compliance with FDA.

Lower ring of the protective sleeve (GBI)

Polyurethane elastomer TPU hardness 95 +/-5 Shore A, blue colour, in compliance with FDA.

Stem ring (GST)

H-NBR synthetic rubber hardness 85 +/-5 Shore A, blue colour, in compliance with FDA.

Base ring (GBA)

Silicone hardness 85 +/-5 Shore A, blue colour, in compliance with FDA.

Features and applications

LM.F-HD-SST levelling elements for ground mounting are intended for use in environments where high hygiene is required and are certified according to EHEDG guidelines.

The surface beneath the base is protected by rings that prevent dirt from entering,ᅠwhen the levelling element is mounted onto the supporting floor with screws through the holes provided in the element itself.ᅠThe mounting and correct positioning of the holes is therefore essential for the sealing of the various rings.

The adjustable protective sleeve, which covers the threaded part of the stem, is provided both at the top and bottom with a protective ring, as well as the base of the threaded stem.ᅠThese rings prevent access to dirt inside the coupling between the threaded stud and the adjustable protective sleeve.

The finish quality of stainless steel parts prevents dirt adhering and facilitates cleaning.

The static load values in the table below are the result of laboratory tests in which the load has been applied perpendicularly to the base.ᅠEssi sono da considerarsi puramente indicativi e devono essere verificati nelle specifiche condizioni di utilizzo.

Under common working conditions, side or angular loading increases the stress on the levelling element and reduces its carrying capacity.

It's the user's responsibility to determine, case by case, whether the product is suitable for the intended use.

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