MZD Adjustable torque limiting knobs


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Prodotti con inserti metallici o integrali in acciaio inossidabile

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My Elesa


Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, black colour, matte finish.

Closing cap

Polyamide-based (PA) technopolymer, RAL 7035 grey colour, push-fit assembly.

Standard executions

  • MZD-A:ᅠblack-oxide steel boss, threaded blind hole.
  • MZD-p:ᅠblack-oxide steel threaded screw, chamfered flat end UNI 947 : ISO 4753 (seeᅠTechnical data).

Features and applications

The knobᅠMZDᅠincorporates a mechanism (ELESA patent) which, screwing clockwise until locking, reaches the required torque value by releasing it from the clamping element (boss or threaded screw).

The knob is used when the applied tightening torque must not exceed a certain value.

The torque transmission from the knob to the clamping element occurs by means of a spring system that prevents the set torque from being exceeded. By rotating counterclockwise, the knob unlocks.

The maximum torque value that may be achieved in the clamping operation can be adjusted between 0.2 and 1 Nm (see table "Inclined planes").

The knob has been tested up to 60000 tightening cycles and the values of the torque were unchanged.

Torque adjustment

  • Remove the cap by inserting a screwdriver in the special slot.
  • The factory setting of the knob is 0.5 Nm.ᅠTo increase or decrease the torque value, axially change the position of the disc with graduations by moving the center screw by means of a hexagonal key (ch = 2.5).ᅠThe torque value is read on the small inclined plane which is at the level of the disc in correspondence with the reference notch.
  • Re-fit the cap by inserting it into its seat with a slight pressure.
Inclined planes
Torque Nm
Fig.10.2 – 0.4 (± 0.1Nm)
Fig.20.5 – 0.7 (+0.2 Nm)
Fig.30.8 – 1.0 (+0.3 Nm)

Special executions on request

Clamping element with threads and different lengths of stud.

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