New vibration-damping elements for food and medical sectors


These new products complete the well-known series made of Natural Rubber NR, black colour, available in different hardness, various dimensions and with cylindrical, conical, parabolic, hourglass or bell shape.

Elesa new vibration-damping elements DVF.6 and DVF.7 with conical shape are in silicon rubber (MVQ) RAL 7040 grey colour, hardness 55 Shore A ±5 with AISI 304 stainless steel base and inserts. The use of AISI 304 stainless steel inserts combined with FDA (U.S. Food and Drugs Administrations) compliant silicon rubber, makes them particularly suitable for applications in the food processing industry and medical environments to prevent unfavourable vibrations which can cause noise, machines malfunctioning and danger to operators’ health.

DVF. dampers are characterised by high resistance to corrosion, chemicals, ageing, high or low temperatures. In fact, DVF. elements resist to temperatures between 200 °C and -50 °C.