Even the smallest component can make the difference…


When the design of a component helps to enhance the value and quality of the final product.

The collaboration between the two Italian companies Elesa S.p.A and Elektra S.r.l (a well-known coffee machine manufacturer) brought on the Vergnano 1882 Coffee shop’s counters the impressive “Belle Époque” coffee machines, which perfectly match the style and the design that Vergnano is promoting all over the world.

The handles of the filter-holder and the knobs for adjusting the steam and hot water selected by Elektra are moulded by Elesa starting from a standard design in a special engineering plastic with the same aesthetical features as the briar-root, but resistant to wear, humidity and high temperatures. An example of the versatility that Elesa products can offer. A commercial project with significant cultural values translating into concrete the excellence of these three Made in Italy brands.

All customised solutions that Elesa is able to offer its customers, are manufactured starting from a standard product of the catalogue and by speaking about possible variants, including colour. This allows us to offer quickly and at a competitive cost, the quality of a standard product in a customised solution.