ELECOLORS*: a successful case


Clifton Food Range® equipment, commonly referred to as "Cliftons" by sector attendants, represents a successful example of the Elecolors* line.

It has become increasingly common for some forward-thinking chefs to use the Clifton Range® Science line’s equipment in their kitchens to test the innovative “sous-vide” cooking (under vacuum cooking), which requires water-bath cooking at precise, stable and controlled temperatures.

Clifton Food Range® gets its roots from Nickel-Electro Ltd., a company specialised in the production of precision devices for scientific laboratories, in order to design a new range of products destined for professional kitchens. In 2005 the British company perceived a new market opportunity: a range of products designed for professional kitchens, able to guarantee scientific precision and solidity, offering a high level of reliability in terms of quality and technical performance.

These appliances are now used in the kitchens of the most prestigious restaurants around the world and have become unmistakable thanks to the aesthetical match between the orange of the Clifton® brand and its components, Elesa Elecolors in Pure Orange.

Clifton Food Range® chose Elesa:
- M.843 bridge handles in technopolymer, glossy finish;
- PR-PF flush pull handles, in technopolymer, matte finish;
- VTR. knobs in technopolymer, glossy finish

The reason of orange
The Pure Orange, in addition to identifying the corporate colour, also makes "Clifton" products easily recognisable, differentiating them from all other kitchen appliances.

ELECOLORS* line offers a perfect aesthetic compatibility between the components and the mechanism on which they are installed, enhancing the perception of their value and quality.


Product images belong to Clifton Food Range®, part of Nickel-Electro Ltd.
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