Focus on: ERS. and L.652-S safety adjustable handles, ETH tubular handle

The working environment constitutes a number of potential risk factors, especially where the operator comes into contact with machinery and equipment on which protruding elements are installed, that may accidentally get caught with working clothes.

Compact shapes without protrusions and irregularities, are characteristics of Elesa components that contribute to increasing the safety levels of machinery and equipment on which they are installed.

ERS. and L.652-S safety adjustable handles, both with the writing “PUSH” tampoprinted on the lever body, are characterized by a particular mechanism that enables the lever to be disengaged from the clamping device, allowing the lever to freely turn without affecting the clamping action in case of accidental shocks. For clamping or releasing, push down to locate then turn the lever.

ETH tubular handle, with a compact shape and no protrusions, allows the operator to use in complete safety. The special antirotation assembly system of the tube to the handle shanks has been developed to offer a firm and safe grip during handling. ETH-AN execution, tube in anodized aluminium, has been awarded by IF Gute Industrieform (Hanover) for the best combination of industrial design-functionality.