Focus on: AE-V0 and ATEX lines

Safety-certified products not only have to comply with precise technical and design requirements, but also undergo successfully numerous tests carried out by independent Bodies. Therefore, the certified guarantee for the operator's safety represents a significant commitment for any company aiming at ensuring high quality safety standards.

AE-V0 line includes knobs, handles and latches made out of self-extinguish special technopolymer certified "V0" according to UL-94 V (Underwriters Laboratories) for use in public environments where flame-proof materials are required by law. These components, subjected to UL-94 V test (Vertical Burning), have obtained excellent results in terms of flame resistance. It has been proven that on a plastic test sample with specific shape and dimension, in the vertical position, the flame is extinguished within 10 seconds, without generating incandescent drops ("V0" classification to UL parameters).

ATEX accessories are used on equipment and machines subject to explosion risk. The line includes filler breather caps and oil level indicators for hydraulic systems in compliance with Health and Safety Requirements according to 94/9/EC ATEX European Directive (explosive atmospheres) for equipment in Group II, category 2GD. The high quality materials together with the special design of the breather caps and the level indicators ensures a perfect seal that prevents oil loss, even in the presence of vibrations and offers an excellent level of visibility in critical environmental conditions as well.