Standards for profile systems


The new Elesa “Profile compatible” line includes a range of components in technopolymer and aluminium as compatible for assembly on the most common aluminum profile systems used in many sectors including machine protections, logistics, electronics and automotive.

The range, distinguished by an easily identifiable icon, includes Elesa standard components: handles, indexing plungers, hinges, connecting clamps and angles, as well as a wide selection of T-nuts to enable their assembly on profiles.



Some components of the new Elesa line

In the range of profile compatible components there is the PC panel support clamp, designed to sit comfortably inside the frame and carry standard panels from 3.1mm up to 8.0mm. requiring no drilling.

Among the standard components for profile systems are also SQT. angles in technopolymer, grey colour, which guarantee high mechanical characteristics of rigidity and dimensional stability. Available also in aluminium, black colour, executions SQMA and SQMF.

CFSW. hinge with built-in safety multiple switch (ELESA patent) is a safety device in case of accidental opening of doors, machine protections, or safety doors on machines and production equipment, it automatically breaks off the power supply hence protecting the operators. Furthermore, CFSW hinge offers an IP67 sealed internal switch and rotation angle up to 180°. Elesa has lately introduced the hinge in grey color RAL 7040 for perfect aesthetic compatibility with the aluminum structures.

Last, but not least, CFG. and CFI. hinges for profiles from 30 up to 60 mm, also combining different dimensions. CFI. double hinge is required for adjacent panels on a standard framework. Even for these executions, Elesa has introduced the grey RAL 7040 in addition to the traditional black.