ETH tubular handles


Elesa (UK) LTD. - Metheringham - Lincolnshire makes it know that Elesa is the designer, manufacturer and exclusive supplier of the distinctive ETH tubular handle range.

  • The ETH Tubular Handle range, originally designed by Elesa, has since been supplied to customers in 30 countries worldwide and has been recognised by two prestigious international design awards:

           Red Dot Design 2015

           IF Design Award 2015

  • Elesa is the exclusive owner of:

           UK Registered Design number 2081127

           International Design number DM/044890

           protecting the design of the ETH handle.

  • Elesa has reached an amicable agreement with a UK competitor pursuant to which that competitor recognizes the validity of Elesa registered design and has therefore agreed to cease the sale of the infringing tubular handles, supplied to it by a third party.