Elesa Quality System is certified ISO 9001 by BSI (British Standard Institution) since 1993. In 2007 Elesa received from BSI ISO 14001 certification as well: the respect and care for the Environment become highly important along the full production chain.< In 2013 Elesa company management system for the Health and Safety of the workers was certified according to BSI standard BS OHSAS 18001.

2014: Italian Customs Agency has conferred to Elesa S.p.A. the status of Authorized Economic Operator Full that recognizes, throughout Europe, the highest reliability in terms of customs procedures and safety. Aditionally, Elesa S.p.A. has been authorized for the customs clearance at domicile procedure, which allows goods to clear customs directly at the Elesa site.


A modern integrated ERP information system (with the most modern CAD/CAM/CAE and CRM software) manages and controls each phase of the manufacturing cycle: from the acquisition of orders to the delivery of the end product.

The combined total of individual procedures controlling the entire business organization form the ISO 9001 ELESA Quality System.
As well as guaranteeing the highest reliability, ISO 9001 certification offers clients well defined economic advantages:

  • Ease in identifying products and their technical properties
  • Consistency in product quality
  • Maintenance guarantee for the duration of the product’s technical properties
  • Easy assembly, with no need to make adjustments or no risks of halting production
  • Free pass issued in acceptance
  • No additional costs: purchase price = final cost


An acute awareness of the issues involved in environmental protection and respect have led Elesa to develop a system of Environmental Management (ISO 14001) that has enabled it to improve its organization and continually seek to optimize its environmental impact.


The Company management system of Health and Safety of the workers has been recently certified according to BSI standard BS OHSAS 18001.

the certificates

Environment Certificate


(Authorised Economic Operator Full)

ELESA S.p.A. has received an AEOF (Authorized Economic Operator Full – customs simplifications and safety) certificate from the Customs Agency, effective as of 26/03/2014. The certificate is the recognition of its status of customs reliability and is valid throughout Europe. It is issued following a process involving the adaptation of internal procedures, as well as having received from the Italian Certification Authority a positive assessment of its regulatory requirements concerning customs compliance in light of its accounting records, financial solvency, and safety standards.

Additionally, Elesa Spa has been authorised for the customs clearance at domicile procedure, which allows goods to clear customs directly at the Elesa site.

Elesa Spa can now simplify import and export bureaucratic practices, rendering the international logistics chain more fluid and granting a superior service to our customers and distributors outside of Europe, thanks to:

  • International recognition of AEOF reliability and safety status
  • Streamlining of customs operations, document controls, and safety
  • Reduction of border controls
  • Priority processing of shipments
  • Lower import costs of Elesa goods

For ELESA this certification is an important factor of our competitiveness, and it is with pride that we are able to guarantee it to you.

Check the status of AEO Elesa (Authorised Economic Operator)