GN 822
Mini indexing plungers
Elesa-GantergriffMain dimensionsSpring pressureWeight
CodeDescriptiond1 0/-0.06d2d3d4l1l2 min.l3l4 min.A/FPreloadMax. loadg
GN.36401GN 822-4-B-ST4M8x0.75211526.5553.5104.51213
GN.36405GN 822-5-B-ST5M8x0.75211526.5553.5104.51214
GN.36411GN 822-6-B-ST6M10x1251834774.51251824
GN.36415GN 822-7-B-ST7M10x1251834774.51251825
GN.36402GN 822-4-C-ST4M8x0.75211526.5553.5104.51214
GN.36406GN 822-5-C-ST5M8x0.75211526.5553.5104.51214
GN.36412GN 822-6-C-ST6M10x1251834774.51251824
GN.36416GN 822-7-C-ST7M10x1251834774.51251825
Threaded body
Zinc-plated steel.

AISI 303 stainless steel.

Polyamide based (PA) technopolymer, black colour, matte finish. Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.

Standard executions
- GN 822-B-ST: without rest position.
- GN 822-C-ST: with rest position: pull the knob and turn it by 30°.

Accessories on request
Black-oxide steel distance bushings type GN 609 for the assembly of the indexing plunger on thin sheets.

Features and applications
GN 822 mini indexing plungers are particularly suitable for assembly on thin sheets, thanks to their small dimensions. The technopolymer knurled knob offers a good grip during operations.

Instructions of use
When retracting the plunger, the hexagonal flat faces are visible. Hence the mini indexing plunger can be easily assembled and tightened by means of a hexagonal spanner.