Adjustable handles
ELESA Original design
ErgostyleMain dimensionsMounting holeTeeth no.Weight
240002-*ERM.44 A-M4-*445214.5303324.53.520.51011M481816
240003-*ERM.44 A-M5-*445214.5303324.53.520.51011M581816
240004-*ERM.44 A-M6-*445214.5303324.53.520.51011M681815
240014-*ERM.63 A-M6-*6373.5183841313.52713.513.5M6102436
240015-*ERM.63 A-M8-*6373.5183841313.52713.513.5M8102434
240025-*ERM.78 A-M8-*7890.521.54650363.534.51616M8142661
240026-*ERM.78 A-M10-*7890.521.54650363.534.51616M10142655
240036-*ERM.95 A-M10-*951092556614354219.518M10172893
240037-*ERM.95 A-M12-*951092556614354219.518M12172886
Lever body
Zinc alloy die-cast, epoxy resin coating.

Orange, red, grey, black, matte finish.

Standard execution
Black-oxide steel clamping element with threaded hole and retaining screw. Steel return spring.

Special executions on request
- Lever body in different colours.
- Chrome-plated lever.
- Clamping element with plain hole.

Features and applications
Particularly suitable when the lever turning angle is limited owing to lack of space.

Instructions of use
For clamping, lift the lever to disengage the clamping device teeth and bring it back to start position. By releasing the lever, the return spring automatically engages the teeth.
If the lever cannot make a 360° rotation, the clamping element can be easily screwed by means of the hexagon socket front head screw (after having disengaged the lever).