Oil level indicators
ELESA Original design
HGFT-EX - Oil level indicators
RoHS status
HGFT-EX - Oil level indicators
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Elesa StandardsMain dimensionsTightening torqueWeight
14441-EXHGFT.10-3/8-EXG 3/8872411224÷84
14461-EXHGFT.13-1/2-EXG 1/2108.52814.5246÷86
14481-EXHGFT.16-3/4-EXG 3/49.58.53518328÷1010
Elesa StandardsMain dimensionsTightening torqueWeight
14446-EXHGFT.10/SL-3/8-EXG 3/8872411224÷83
14466-EXHGFT.13/SL-1/2-EXG 1/2108.52814.5246÷85
14486-EXHGFT.16/SL-3/4-EXG 3/49.58.53518328÷109
Polyamide based (PA) technopolymer. Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.

Black, glossy finish.

Transparent polyamide based (PA-T/AR) technopolymer. Resistant to alcohol, solvents, oils with additives, greases, acids and alkali.

Flat packing ring
NBR synthetic rubber.

Standard executions
- HGFT-EX: with matte anodised aluminium star-shaped contrast screen with red central level point.
- HGFT/SL-EX: without contrast screen.

ATEX directive compliance
The level indicators of the HGFT-EX series comply with Health and Safety Requirements intended in 94/9/EC ATEX European Directive (explosive atmospheres) for equipments in Group II, category 2GD. Level indicators have “kX” protection degree and can therefore be mounted in equipments protected by means of “immersion in liquid”, without lowering protection degree.
II 2 G D k T6 X, marked on the HGFT-EX level indicators, represents the identification according to ATEX directive.
II: group of substances for which the product is suitable
2: identification of the category
G: identification of the type of explosive atmosphere (Gases or vapours)
D: identification of the type of explosive atmosphere (Dust)
kX: protection degree by means of immersion in liquid
IIB: explosive gases group (only for HGFT.16)
T6: temperature class
Ambient and/or fluid temperature: -30 ÷ +80°C
The declaration of conformity to European Directives of this product is available and it is part of the product itself.

Accessories on request
Brass nut type GH. for fitting to reservoirs with wall thickness smaller than 5 mm.

For use with other fluids with special additives, please contact ELESA Sales Department.

Oil level indicators
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