GN 300.4
Adjustable handles with high tightening clamping force
GN 300.4  - Adjustable handles with high tightening clamping force
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GN 300.4  - Adjustable handles with high tightening clamping force
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Elesa-GantergriffMain dimensionsMounting holeWeight
GN.15531GN 300.4-63-M6-SW6317.548.552.534.51117.524M612.596
GN.15551GN 300.4-78-M8-SW782158.562.539.511.52125M814140
GN.15571GN 300.4-92-M10-SW922468.572.546.513.52430M1018205
GN.15591GN 300.4-108-M12-SW10830828756.5183035M1226.5325
Lever body
Zinc alloy die-cast, epoxy resin coating.

RAL 9005 black, matte finish.

Distance bushing
Nitrided tempered steel with balls allowing a greater efficacy of the clamping force.

Standard execution
Black-oxide steel clamping element with threaded hole and retaining screw. Steel return spring.

Special executions on request
- Lever in different colours.

Features and applications
Adjustable handles GN 300.4 allow a higher tightening clamp force. The clamping element is not in direct contact with the plane to be clamped. Clamping is made by the distance bushing with large base, which does not rotate on the plane. The bushing contains a set of balls which reduce to a minimum friction between the part which rotates with the lever during clamping and the distance bushing.

Instructions of use
For clamping, lift the lever to disengage the clamping device teeth and bring it back to start position. By releasing the lever, the return spring automatically engages the teeth.
If the lever cannot make a 360° rotation, the clamping element can be easily screwed by means of the hexagon socket front head screw (after having disengaged the lever).

Adjustable handles with high tightening clamping force
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