DIN 6332
Grub screws
DIN 6332  - Grub screws
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DIN 6332  - Grub screws
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Elesa-GantergriffMain dimensionsWeight
CodeDescriptiondLd1 h11d2l1l2sg
GN.11801DIN 6332-M6-30-SKM6304.542.5635
GN.11803DIN 6332-M6-40-SKM6404.542.5637
GN.11804DIN 6332-M6-50-SKM6504.542.5639
GN.11812DIN 6332-M8-40-SKM84065.437.5412
GN.11814DIN 6332-M8-50-SKM85065.437.5414
GN.11815DIN 6332-M8-60-SKM86065.437.5417
GN.11821DIN 6332-M10-50-SKM105087.24.59523
GN.11823DIN 6332-M10-60-SKM106087.24.59528
GN.11825DIN 6332-M10-80-SKM108087.24.59537
GN.11831DIN 6332-M12-60-SKM126087.24.510639
GN.11834DIN 6332-M12-80-SKM128087.24.510653
GN.11835DIN 6332-M12-100-SKM1210087.24.510666
GN.11842DIN 6332-M16-70-SKM16701211512883
GN.11844DIN 6332-M16-100-SKM1610012115128121
GN.11845DIN 6332-M16-125-SKM1612512115128154
GN.11851DIN 6332-M20-80-SKM208015.514.45.51410149
GN.11853DIN 6332-M20-100-SKM2010015.514.45.51410189
GN.11855DIN 6332-M20-150-SKM2015015.514.45.51410292
Black-oxide steel, class 5.8 (tensile strength 500 N/mm²), hexagon socket head and hardened nose.

Special executions on request
Different lengths.

Features and applications
DIN 6332 grub screws can be used to realize different locking systems. On irregular or non-parallel surfaces, we suggest to couple them with thrust pads type DIN 6311 or GN 6311.1, which allow the clamping preventing the rotating movement of the screw from being exerted directly on the piece to be locked.
Levers, knobs or other handles can be also fitted to the threaded end by means of pins.

Grub screws
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