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ELESA: the value of quality

A paragon for engineers and designers, Elesa designs, develops and manufactures standard components metric or inch, in the most advanced engineering plastic materials and metal, combining reliability and efficiency with great care in ergonomics and design. With a tradition of quality throughout its history, Elesa has the widest range of products for industrial machines available on the market.
Eleven foreign branches and a close collaboration with the most qualified distributors worldwide ensure an efficient and timely service with the guarantee of technical and customer support from the Headquarters in Monza.


Modular roller tracks

A wide range of modular roller tracks for idle handling.
They can be used to create sliding and containing benches suitable for several applications in different fields: feeding and discharging benches in construction machinery, storage and picking systems, packaging machinery, etc.

  • Snap-in assembly of the components, without any screws or other fitting elements
  • Easy and quick substitution of the modular roller tracks
  • Sliding and quiet operation
  • Maximum capacity for single roller up to 360N
  • High impact strength
  • No need for maintenance and lubrication




Solid rim: total absence of rear recesses to avoid any deposit of unhygenic residues for applications in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and medical fields in compliance with specific hygiene standards.

  • Technopolymer material (handwheel and handle) certified in compliance with FDA*
  • Boss, front plate and metal inserts of the handle in AISI 304-AISI 316 stainless steel: high corrosion resistance

* (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)




New position indicators, extremely adaptable thanks to the wide available functions and the programmable parameters. DD51-E can be used for many applications in several sectors.

  • Wide 5-digit display of 8 mm height
  • Display rotation of 180°
  • Incremental / absolute measure mode
  • Conversion of the measure unit: mm/inches for linear measure, degrees for angular
  • IP65 or IP67 protection class
  • Corrosion resistance: AISI 304 stainless steel bushing
  • Long battery life provided by internal lithium battery (over 5 years)


Find ELESA in the world

Eleven foreign branches and a close collaboration with the most qualified distributors worldwide in the field of standard machine components ensure an efficient and timely service in more than 60 industrialised countries with the guarantee of technical and customer support from the Headquarters in Monza.

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Over 27,000 product codes. Ask now for your free copy of the Elesa Catalogues. More than 1,300 pages of product information sheets complete with technical specifications, technical drawings and tables including codes and descriptions to quickly find the product you were looking for. Also available on DVD with 2D and 3D CAD drawings.

2D & 3D CAD drawings

Request free 2D and 3D CAD drawings of our products in the most common formats. Sign in via MyELESA for quick and easy retrieval of your requests. In a few clicks you'll be able to have the requested drawings sent to your email and see your most recently requested ones.


PC panel support clamp: PPMA award

01/12/2014 11:18

Strong grip and perfect fastening are the main features of the product winner of the PPMA Award.

HaPeS award for the HCK-GL column level indicator

26/11/2014 12:38

Designed to offer an easy reading of the fluid, HCK-GL column level indicator is also suitable for glycol-based solutions and it has recently been awarded as best product in it's category at HaPeS in Poland.

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